Nozomi Sanada

1975  Born in Tokyo, Japan

2000  Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University of Fine Arts

2001  Stayed in Australia


Live and work in Tokyo, Japan


The world we live in is chaotic because of huge quantities of information and things and complex matters. So it’s difficult to see what the truth is and what we want and what we should look for. But I think the truth and the essence of things are actually really simple. We can't notice that because it's too simple.

I try to express my view of what the truth is, what the essence is, what life and death are. Also I try to make my picture communicate them to the third party.



1998  Two-man exhibition at Tokyo Zokei University

         [Vivid exhibition (Group show)] at The Earth Museum in Machida, Tokyo

1999  [17th Ueno no mori Museum Taisyou Ten] at Ueno no mori Museum in Ueno, Tokyo

         Two-man exhibition at Tokyo Zokei University

2000  The Tokyo Zokei University Graduate Exhibition at Tokyo Zokei University
         The 23rd Joint Graduation Exhibition of Five Art Universities in Tokyo at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

         [0 gou Ten] at Tokyo Wander Site in Hongo, Tokyo


         [Message from Young Artists] at Sudo Museum in Ginza, Tokyo

2007  [YUME-Biennial] at Yume Art Museum in Hachiouji,Tokyo (Encouragement prize)
2010 Galerie DEN Opening-exhibition  at Galerie DEN in Berlin,Germany
2011 [Japanese-German contemporary ART group-show]  at Galerie DEN in Berlin,Germany
         [Basler Kunst Tage]TERADA project in Basel, Switzland
         [Neu Kunstmarkt Art-Zen] at Gallary blumeninsel in Basel, Switzerland
         [Gemalde Ausstellung Junger Japanischer Kunstler] at Gallary HINOKI in Sissach, Switzerland
         [Art by Montreux] at Montreux Art Gallery in Montreux, Switzerland

2012 [Selection Art von Gallery DEN ] Group exhibition at Gallery DEN in Berlin, Germany